Anxiety in Pets

As we all know, anxiety can be absolutely debilitating, and it’s no different for animals!  So what are the symptoms of stress and anxiety in animals?

– Pacing back and forth
– Panting
– Visual distress (such as shaking, tail between legs, ears down, licking of the lips, even yawning can be a sign of stress!)
– Incontinence

Now that you know the signs, what can you do to help?

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to help, such as providing a safe space for your pet (somewhere they can cosy up and feel protected), giving them toys to play with as a distraction, reducing environmental stimuli by closing curtains and turning on the TV/radio! And, of course, generally comforting your pet with reassurance!

We at Pet Supermarket also offer a wide range of anxiety-calming products, such as calming tablets, solution drops & sprays, as well as calming diffusers and collars! We also stock a wide variety of toys, treats and products, such as the LickiMat that will help distract your animal from stress and anxiety-related triggers!



It’s time for our top trek of the week! This week our starred pet-friendly location is…


Whether you prefer a brisk walk with your furry pal, a picnic around the lake, or have them accompany you on a cycle trail, Herrington Country Park has it all! Being one of the largest parks in Sunderland, there really isn’t ever a dull day here!

Another great reason to bring your canine companions here, are the organised dog walks that take place! Some days you might spot a gang of gangly Greyhounds strolling through the park, and other days you may spot a bunch of lovely Labradors taking a walk (you can find out what days these are held on Facebook!)

Greyhound Walk at Herrington Country Park

Besides this, the park is also home to an array of outdoor events, such as the Kubix Music Festival (Pete Andre, 5ive, Adam Ant, and more famous acts have performed here – unfortunately pets cannot attend!), and has previously hosted events such as the Radio 1 Big Weekend, and the 2012 Olympic Torch Celebration – this park really has it all!

Herrington Country Park is truly a place of local beauty, and is a MUST on your ‘to visit’ list!




Top Trek of the Week!

This is our NEW weekly blog post where we share some our all time favourite pet-friendly treks in the North East! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced walker, there’s always something on our list that’s right for you.

But enough of the natter, lets dive into it!

Our top trek this week is…


At the top of our list is Noses Point and the Blast Beach at Seaham, this glorious stretch of coastline makes a marvellous day out for you and your pet companion!

You might not initially think it, but this location is rich with history! Noses Point was once the location of Dawdon Colliery in 1907, but was eventually closed in 1991. After years of production, waste from the colliery was dumped onto the beach which resulted in devastation for the environment. But after years of restoration (thanks to Durham Hertiage Coast!), ponds and meadows have been restored, and the area is thriving with local wildlife once again!

This truly beautiful and interesting walk will leave you wanting to come back time and time again! And to make matters more interesting, if you’re a bit of a history nerd, this area is ABUNDENT with fossils! Plant remains are quite a common find in the shale residing along the shore and cliffs (speaking from first-hand experience!) .

Afterwards, if you’ve worked up a bit of a sweet tooth and peckish stomach, why not treat yourself to one of the many luscious and friendly cafes & ice cream parlours that Seaham Harbour has to offer? It makes for a perfect after-workout treat!

That’s what we have for this week folks. Tune in next week for another one of our ‘Top Treks of the Week’!

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

Keeping a dog active, engaged and entertained is important for health and mental wellbeing as well as keeping their behaviour in check. Here are 4 great suggestions you can try if you and your dog are housebound.

dark grey greyhound holding a  blue and yellow ball in it's mouth

  1. Vary the Type of Game
    Trying different types of indoor games such as fetch or tug keeps your dog engaged and interested. Increase the level of difficulty by the type of toy you use.
  2. Make Dinner Time a Puzzle
    Instead of feeding your dog from a bowl, why not use a ‘dog activity game’ like this food puzzle? It combines a challenge, fun and engagement with a tasty reward. You could also try a toy stuffed with treats, skipping it across the floor and challenging your dog to find it.
  3. Create an indoor course
    Depending on how much space you have, an indoor agility curse allows you to teach your dog how to jump through o hula hoops, or weave around obstacles such as dining chairs and use a blanket as a tunnel. Make sure you reward your dog with some tasty treats for their hard work.
  4. Obedience Training
    Create a few quick training sessions (5-10 minutes) every day to reinforce basic commands such as sit, down, stay, drop and come here.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Let us know how you keep your pooch active indoors by commenting below.