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Arden Grange Grain free adult Salmon & superfoods 12kg

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Product Description

Arden Grange Grain Free Adult Salmon & Superfoods 12kg – Premium Nutrition for Active Adult Dogs

Experience the exceptional benefits of Arden Grange Grain-Free Adult Salmon & Superfoods, a complete, super premium pet food meticulously designed for normally active adult dogs. This formula features 43% salmon as the primary protein source, offering outstanding benefits for skin and coat health.

Key Features of Arden Grange Grain Free Adult Salmon & Superfoods:

High-Quality Ingredients: Contains 43% salmon, providing a delicious and highly digestible protein source that promotes skin and coat health.

Grain-Free Formula: Excludes grains and cereals, suitable for dogs with sensitivities, ensuring easy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption.

Superfood Blend: Enriched with a blend of nutrient-rich superfoods, including fruit and plant extracts known for their antioxidant properties. These superfoods support immune health and overall well-being.

Naturally Hypoallergenic: Free from wheat gluten, soya, dairy products, added sugar, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. This makes it suitable for dogs prone to allergies or sensitivities, promoting digestive comfort and well-being.

Made in the UK: Proudly produced in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring your dog receives only the best nutrition available.

Comprehensive Nutrition for Your Active Dog

Arden Grange Grain Free Adult Salmon & Superfoods is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of normally active adult dogs. The high proportion of salmon and inclusion of superfoods ensure your dog receives essential nutrients that promote overall health, including immune support and a shiny coat.

Benefits of Superfoods

The carefully selected superfoods in this recipe provide essential nutrients and antioxidants that support your dog’s immune system and overall well-being. Superfoods are recognized for their health-boosting properties, promoting vitality and longevity in dogs.

Ethical and Eco-Friendly Production

Arden Grange adheres to ethical production practices, ensuring the welfare of animals and minimizing environmental impact. All packaging is recyclable, supporting sustainable practices and eco-conscious pet care.

Why Choose Arden Grange Grain Free Adult Salmon & Superfoods?

  • Grain-Free and Hypoallergenic: Ideal for dogs with dietary sensitivities, providing a balanced diet without common allergens.
  • Premium Ingredients: High-quality salmon and nutrient-rich superfoods ensure optimal nutrition and taste.
  • Ethical Production: Produced in the UK with stringent quality control measures and eco-friendly packaging.
  • Comprehensive Nutrition: Supports digestive health, immune function, and overall vitality.

Elevate Your Dog’s Diet Today

Choose Arden Grange Grain Free Adult Salmon & Superfoods, available in a convenient 12kg bag, to provide your active adult dog with a nutritious and delicious diet that supports their overall health and happiness. Trust Arden Grange for premium quality and exceptional care for your canine companion.

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