Beaphar Fresh Breath Tablets For Dogs & Cats Fresh Breath 40 Pack


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Freshens breath

Long-term action

Contains chlorophyll, a natural plant extract well known for its ability to absorb bad smells

Suitable for cats and dogs

Each box contains 40 tablets

Product overview
Beaphar Fresh Breath Tablets are formulated with the natural plant extract chlorophyll, which is well known for its ability to absorb bad smells. If your cat or dog has bad breath it may be coming from several areas. Food particles lodge in the teeth and become smelly, plaque can build up on the teeth, or sometimes the smell originates from further down the throat.

These tablets are easy to administer as they can be given whole or crushed and mixed into food. One packet contains a sufficient amount to treat a large dog for 10 days or a cat for 20 days.

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