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A hardy, cold-tolerant cricket, Black Crickets can grow to over 30mm in length.

Black crickets are available in a variety of sizes to cater for reptiles of different weights and stages of development: Hatchlings (3mm), 1st (5mm), 2nd (6-8mm), 3rd (8-10mm), 4th (12-18mm), Standard (18-25mm) and Large (25-30mm).

Care Instructions:
As with all live food, it is essential they are kept healthy. Packed in bran, ensure the crickets are kept at a regular temperature of approximately 60-65F (15-18C) and away from bright light. To encourage the maximum shelf-life, empty into a smooth-sided container with a vented lid. Add a slice of potato to provide moisture. Proper supplementation should be given prior to feeding to your reptile.
Don’t forget live food can be affected by cold weather.

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