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James Wellbeloved Puppy Chicken & Rice 2kg/15kg

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Product Description

James Wellbeloved Puppy Chicken & Rice

James Wellbeloved Puppy Chicken & Rice is carefully crafted dry dog food, specially formulated to support the health and wellbeing of growing puppies. Made with selected natural ingredients and free from artificial flavours, colours, or antioxidants, it’s ideal for puppies with sensitivities.

Key Features:

Hypoallergenic Recipe: Formulated with a single source of animal protein from chicken, this puppy food excludes common allergens like beef, pork, soya, eggs, dairy, and wheat. It’s less likely to cause adverse food reactions, making it suitable for sensitive puppies.

Healthy Digestion: Contains natural prebiotics to support a healthy digestion. The inclusion of chicory extract helps maintain gut flora, while seaweed provides natural fibre and iodine.

Immune System Support: Enriched with Vitamin E and essential minerals to support the immune system of growing puppies. This helps strengthen their natural defences during this crucial developmental stage.

Balanced Calcium and Phosphorus: Includes balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to support healthy growth of bones and teeth, ensuring your puppy develops strong and healthy skeletal structure.

Small Kibble Size: Designed with smaller kibble sizes suitable for puppies’ smaller mouths, making it easier for them to chew and digest.

Ingredients and Composition:

  • Chicken Meal: A highly digestible and delicious source of protein essential for growth and muscle development.
  • Brown & White Rice: Highly digestible carbohydrates that are gentle on the stomach and provide a steady source of energy.
  • Seaweed: Natural source of fibre and iodine, supporting digestive health and thyroid function.

Additional Ingredients:

  • Chicory Extract: Source of prebiotic inulin that helps maintain healthy gut flora.
  • Yucca Extract: A natural deodorizer that reduces stool odour.

Nutritional Information:

James Wellbeloved Puppy Chicken & Rice provides a balanced mix of essential nutrients crucial for the healthy growth and development of puppies:

  • Protein: Supports muscle development and overall growth.
  • Fat Content: Provides energy and promotes healthy skin and coat.
  • Fibre: Aids in digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Essential for overall health and immune support.

Feeding Guide:

Follow the feeding guide provided on the packaging based on your puppy’s age, weight, and activity level to ensure they receive the right amount of nutrition they need to thrive.

Storage Instructions:

Store James Wellbeloved Puppy Chicken & Rice in a cool, dry place. Once opened, ensure the food is stored in an airtight container to maintain freshness and quality.

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