Beaphar Ear Drops Solution Kills Mites Soothes Healing Removes For Cats & Dogs


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Easy-to-use, medicated ear drops for cats and dogs from 12 weeks of age

Kills ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) and other common mites

UK authorised veterinary medicine

Softens ear wax and soothes irritation

Contains pyrethrum

Product overview
Beaphar Ear Drops are an effective, affordable medicine containing pyrethrum to treat common ear mite infestations, such as Otodectes cynotis, in cats and dogs.

Symptoms of mild, common ear mite infestations include scratching at the ears, head shaking or dark, dry, waxy debris in one or both ears. Beaphar Ear Drops will soften the ear wax, soothe the irritation caused by the mites and kill common ear mites affecting your cat or dog’s ears.

Suitable for cats and dogs from 12 weeks of age.

IMPORTANT: Beaphar Ear Drops are not suitable for treating severe ear infestations. If there is a heavy, strong-smelling discharge, serious inflammation, swelling or pain with severe scratching, head shaking or tilting you MUST seek veterinary attention.

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