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Forthglade Complete Meal Adult Turkey with Brown Rice & Vegetables 395g

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Product Description

Forthglade Complete Meal – Adult Turkey with Brown Rice & Vegetables 395g

At Forthglade, we’re a passionate group of Devonian dog lovers committed to enriching the bond between you and your canine companion with meals crafted from 100% natural ingredients—no fillers, just pure goodness. Our aim is simple: to provide your best friend with nourishing, tail-waggingly good food.

Bursting with Goodness

Nutritionally Balanced:
Turkey, known for its high-quality protein that’s easy to digest and irresistibly palatable, is at the heart of our recipe. Combined with vegetables rich in essential vitamins, minerals, fibre, and natural antioxidants, our food supports overall health and vitality for adult dogs.

Brown Rice:
We include brown rice for its natural nutrient profile, boasting three B vitamins, iron, manganese, selenium, magnesium, and omega-3 oils. This easily digestible grain is also a good source of dietary fibre, crucial for maintaining intestinal health.

Natural herbs are added to aid the body’s natural defences, ensuring your dog enjoys robust overall health and vitality.

Increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids contribute to immune support and promote a healthy skin and coat, keeping your dog looking and feeling their best.

Minerals, Vitamins & Prebiotics:
Chelated minerals enhance nutrient absorption, ensuring your dog gets the most out of every meal. Prebiotics support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, crucial for digestion and immune health.

Gently Steamed:
To preserve all the natural goodness of our ingredients, we gently steam them with a touch of water at low temperatures, maintaining their nutritional integrity and irresistible flavour.

Daily Feeding Guide

Dog Size Dog Weight Trays per Day
Small 0 – 10Kg ½ to 1¼
Medium 10 – 25Kg 1¼ to 1¾
Large 25 – 40Kg 1¾ to 2¼
Extra Large 40 – 70Kg 2¼ to 3¼

Complete Pet Food for Adult Dogs 1 Year+
Our nutritionally complete food can be served alone, mixed with a quality mixer biscuit, or used as a delicious topper with dry food. When introducing Forthglade for the first time, gradually transition your dog over five days for optimal acceptance. It may take between four to eight weeks to fully appreciate the benefits. Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available.

For freshness, refrigerate our food after opening and use within 48 hours. Serve at room temperature to enhance its appeal.


  • Turkey: 75%
  • Brown Rice: 4%
  • Vegetables (Carrots, Peas): 4%
  • Minerals
  • Linseed Oil: 0.5%
  • Seaweed: 0.45%
  • Prebiotic – Fructooligosaccharide
  • Yucca
  • Glucosamine: 50mg/kg
  • Chondroitin: 50mg/kg
  • Botanicals (Camomile, Parsley, Rosemary, Nettle)

Nutritional Additives (per kg):

  • Vitamins:
    • Vitamin A: 2,500 IU
    • Vitamin D3: 200 IU
    • Vitamin E: 30 mg
  • Trace Elements:
    • Zinc Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate: 139 mg
    • Iron Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate: 33 mg
    • Copper Chelate of Amino Acids Hydrate: 20 mg
    • Calcium Iodate Anhydrous: 0.8 mg

Analytical Constituents:

  • Crude Protein: 11%
  • Crude Fibres: 0.5%
  • Crude Oils & Fats: 8%
  • Crude Ash: 3%
  • Moisture: 72%

Forthglade Complete Meal – Adult Turkey with Brown Rice & Vegetables in the 395g size provides a balanced diet rich in natural goodness, ensuring your adult dog aged 1 year and above thrives with every meal. Trust Forthglade for meals that nourish and delight, making every day with your dog healthier and happier.

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