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Go-Cat Senior Dry Cat Food Chicken & Vegetable 2kg

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Product Description

Go-Cat® Senior Dry Cat Food Chicken & Vegetable 2kg

GO-CAT® Senior 7+ formula is specially designed for cats over 7 years old, addressing their unique nutritional needs as they age. With a careful balance of ingredients, this dry cat food helps senior cats maintain a healthy weight, providing fewer calories while still delivering essential nutrients.

Go-Cat® 5 Promises for Your Cat’s Well-being

1. Complete Nutrition: Go-Cat® Senior Dry Cat Food Chicken & Vegetable 2kg offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Each meal is crafted to provide high-quality proteins from chicken, which are crucial for maintaining muscle mass and overall health in older cats. The addition of vegetables ensures a rich source of essential fibres and nutrients, contributing to a well-rounded diet.

2. Uncompromising Quality: Quality is at the heart of Go-Cat®. We conduct over 1000 daily ingredient and production quality checks to ensure that every batch meets the highest standards. This rigorous process guarantees that your senior cat receives food that is safe, nutritious, and of the utmost quality.

3. Expert Formulation: Our recipes are developed by Purina nutritionists who have years of experience and expertise in feline nutrition. They ensure that Go-Cat® Senior Dry Cat Food Chicken & Vegetable 2kg is specifically tailored to meet the dietary requirements of senior cats, promoting their health and vitality.

4. Trusted Ingredients: We source only the best ingredients from trusted suppliers. This commitment ensures that every component of our senior cat food is of high quality. Our suppliers share our dedication to quality and sustainability, ensuring that your cat receives nothing but the best.

5. Sustainability Commitment: Go-Cat® is dedicated to sustainability. By the year 2025, we aim to transition 100% of our packaging to recyclable or reusable materials. This commitment reflects our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Why Choose Go-Cat® Senior Dry Cat Food Chicken & Vegetable 2kg?

Pure and Wholesome Nutrition: Go-Cat® recipes are free from artificial colorants, flavourings, and preservatives. This ensures that your senior cat enjoys pure, natural, and wholesome nutrition in every meal. Our dry cat food is meticulously crafted to support your cat’s overall health and well-being.

High-Quality Protein: The inclusion of chicken provides high-quality protein essential for your senior cat’s muscle maintenance and repair. This protein-rich diet supports your cat’s active lifestyle, ensuring they remain strong and energetic.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Our dry cat food is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals that support your senior cat’s immune system, skin health, and overall vitality. Omega fatty acids contribute to a shiny coat and healthy skin, while antioxidants promote a strong immune system.

Delicious Taste: Senior cats love the delicious taste of Go-Cat® Senior Dry Cat Food Chicken & Vegetable 2kg. The carefully balanced flavours and textures make every meal enjoyable, encouraging your cat to eat well and stay healthy.

Healthy Digestion: The inclusion of vegetables provides essential fibres that aid in healthy digestion. This balanced approach ensures that your senior cat’s digestive system functions optimally, reducing the risk of digestive issues.


  • Cereals
  • Meat and Animal Derivatives (20%, of which 2% Chicken in Y-Shape Kibbles*)
  • Vegetable Protein Extracts
  • Oils and Fats
  • Fish and Fish Derivatives
  • Vegetables (0.9% Dehydrated Vegetables equivalent to 4% Rehydrated Vegetables in Y-Shape Kibbles**)
  • Minerals
  • Yeasts
  • Milk and Milk Derivatives (0.7% Skimmed Milk Powder equivalent to 4% Rehydrated Skimmed Milk in Round Shape Kibble***)
  • Total content in product: 1.8% Chicken
    ** Total content in product: 3.9% Rehydrated Vegetables
    *** Total content in product: 0.26% Rehydrated Skimmed Milk

Make Every Meal Count

Choose Go-Cat® Senior Dry Cat Food Chicken & Vegetable 2kg to ensure your senior cat enjoys the best nutrition possible. Our commitment to quality, nutrition, and sustainability means you can trust Go-Cat® to provide your feline friend with the care and nourishment they deserve. With Go-Cat®, you’re not just feeding your cat; you’re supporting their overall health, happiness, and vitality. Make every meal a moment of joy and nourishment with Go-Cat®.

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