Komodo Coconut Terrain


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Komodo’s 100% organic Coconut Terrain is made from coconut husk and can be used for wet or dry environments.  Safe if accidentally ingested, it is an environmentally friendly product and pH neutral.

This Substrate is great for:

  • Bearded Dragon
  • Veiled Chameleon
  • Crested Gecko
  • Day Gecko
  • Water Dragon
  • Tarantula

Coconut Terrain: Simply disperse throughout the habitat to the required depth. Coconut Terrain can be used for a wide variety of animals partially because it can be used dry, slightly humid or even wet. Use the Komodo Humidity Gauge in conjunction with the Komodo Spray Bottle to measure and increase the moisture levels as required. Spot clean daily, replacing soiled material with fresh Coconut Terrain. Change all bedding monthly or as required. Humid, warm enviroments usually require more frequent changes than dry surroundings. Note: Soiled bedding should always be disposed of in a proper hygienic fashion.

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