Mikki Hygiene Pants and Refill Pads


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Provides protection for bitches on heat
– Avoid strain on furniture, clothing and carpets
– Adjustable elastic waist strap with snap lock buckle
– Securely holds disposable pads in place

Provide protection for bitches on heat and are also effective in avoiding messy clean-ups and stains on furniture and carpets. The pants feature a pocket which holds a disposable pad (available separately in packs of 10). The pants are easy to fit stretch nylon for comfort and have an adjustable waist strap with snap-lock buckle. Stretch stitched tail hole. No restriction of tail or leg movement. Fully washable. They should be removed to allow your pet to answer a call of nature.

NOTE: These hygiene pants do not provide contraception protection nor are they suitable for incontinent male dogs. The pads should be changed regularly to avoid discomfort.

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