Royal Canin 195g Dog Food Starter Mousse


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When your dog is pregnant or nursing puppies, this starter food makes sure she’s nourished properly. The mousse has plenty of protein for energy and supple muscles, as well as nutrients to boost the immune system. The soft texture is easy for her to eat, and it’s also ideal for weaning your new puppies. As your dog approaches the late stages of her pregnancy, her weight and appetite might be significantly higher than usual. Serve her food little and often to avoid overeating.

Feed puppies according to their age: give 3-4 weeks 1/4 can, 4-5 weeks 1/2 can, 5-6 weeks 1 1/4 cans, 6-7 weeks 1 3/4 cans, and 7-8 weeks 2 cans daily.

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