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Winalot Small Dog Pouches 40 Pack 100g

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Product Description

Winalot Small Dog Pouches 40 Pack 100g

Winalot Small Dog Pouches offer a delectable selection of bitesize pieces specially crafted for small mouths, providing a balanced and nutritious meal for your beloved pet.

Key Features of Winalot Small Dog Pouches

Tailored for Small Dogs Designed with bitesize pieces ideal for small mouths, Winalot Small Dog Pouches ensure easy chewing and digestion, catering specifically to the needs of smaller breeds.

Developed by Pet Nutrition Experts Formulated by pet nutrition experts, Winalot Small Dog Pouches are crafted with natural ingredients to support your dog’s health and vitality, providing them with essential nutrients in every bite.

100% Complete and Balanced Each pouch is carefully balanced to provide your small dog with all the nutrients they need for their overall well-being, ensuring they thrive with every meal.

No Artificial Additives Free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, Winalot Small Dog Pouches maintain the natural goodness of the ingredients, offering a wholesome diet that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Variety of Flavours Available in Beef, Lamb, and Chicken in Gravy flavours, Winalot Small Dog Pouches offer a variety that satisfies your dog’s taste preferences, making mealtime enjoyable and satisfying.


  • Beef, Lamb, or Chicken (depending on flavour)
  • Gravy
  • Natural Ingredients

Feeding Guide

Feed Winalot Small Dog Pouches according to your dog’s size and appetite. Adjust the feeding amount based on their activity level and monitor their weight regularly to ensure they maintain a healthy condition. Always provide fresh water alongside their meals.

Commitment to Quality

Winalot Small Dog Pouches 40 Pack 100g deliver nutritionally balanced meals tailored for small dogs, with bitesize pieces that are easy to chew and digest. Developed with natural ingredients and without artificial additives, these pouches provide a delicious and wholesome diet that supports your small dog’s health and happiness. Trust Winalot to provide meals that your dog will love, crafted with care by pet nutrition experts.

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